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NBME Guide for Requesting Accommodations Webinar 3

Assisting students with crafting the personal statement

Description: The personal statement is the student’s only opportunity to contextualize their disability in the context of their personal experiences and the examination. It’s a critical element of their packet and often times a source of great personal distress. Providing concrete guidance to students, along with a suggested outline, personal statement prompts, and support in editing increases the chances that students applications will be understood and reflect the level of detail needed to meet the NBME standards. In this webinar, the presenters will assist the audience with understanding the aforementioned items and the necessary steps for submitting a quality personal statement.

Presenters: Lisa Meeks, PhD. Jan Serrantino, Ed.D. Ellen Kaplan, MEd


DocsWithDisabilities Initiative Access In Medicine (AIM) program

The University of Michigan Center for Disability Health and Wellness

Twitter: @docswith


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