Blue background with white logo of globe with a stethescope on top: International Council for Disability Inclusion in Medical Education



Year 1:  Produce a document on shared principles about supporting qualified disabled individuals in the medical profession. 


Year 2: Develop a template for sharing examples of reasonable accommodations / adjustments as potential ideas to support learners internationally. These would serve as a ‘bank’ of examples to help organizations and institutions implement these for individuals.  


Year 3: Revisit the existing guidance in lieu of new literature and evidence-based research and would incorporate these findings into a new framework for disability inclusion in medicine to be used by the research community and in institutional application.


Lisa Meeks, PhD

Director of SUMMIT, President of the Coalition for Disability Access in Health Science Education, Lead Author on the AAMC report


Satendra Singh, MD

Doctors with Disabilities: Agents of Change

(Health Professionals with Disabilities for Social Justice)

Professor of Physiology, University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. 

Council Members: 

American Medical Association

Kimberly D. Lomis, MD

Undergraduate Medical Education Innovations

Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss (AMPHL)

Chris Moreland, MD, MPH


Association of American Medical Colleges 

Amy Addams 

Director, Student Affairs Alignment and Holistic Review 

Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada

Dr. Anna Karwowska

Vice President of Education

Dr. Genevieve Moineau

President and CEO

Coalition for Disability Access In Health Science Education  

Neera Jain, PhD, MS, CRC

Executive Board member, co-author of AAMC report

Disabled Doctors Network UK

 Jen Warren, MD

Doctors with Disabilities Australia

Dinesh Palipana, MD


General Medical Council (UK)

Darren Bryant

Johns Hopkins University Center for Disability Inclusion

Bonnie Swenor, MPH, PHD 

Founder, Director of Center

Medical Council of Canada

Ilona Bartman

Research Associate

Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand

Lise Mongensen, PhD

Senior lecturer and researcher in the Western Sydney School of Medicine

Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand Working Group Representative 


Shibley Rahman, MD

Special advisor in disability, NHS Practitioner Health Service


Society of Physicians with Disabilities  

Joseph Kim, MD

Organizational head

Stanford Medical Abilities Coalition 

Peter Poullos, MD

Founder, President