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To provide monthly research rounds in the tradition of "Grand Rounds" highlighting research and research teams from around the globe that are focused on disability research in academic medicine

*All talks are recorded and will be shared on this platform


All talks will be captioned and include sign language interpreting.
If you require additional accommodations please contact our staff at:

October 11th, 2022

Christopher Moreland, MD, MPH

Associate Professor Internal Medicine

Dell Medical School at UT Austin 


The Mistreatment of Physicians with Disabilities

November 8th, 2022

Duncan Shrewsbury, MBChB, PhD

Senior Lecturer in General Practice

Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK



Disability, Difference and Othering in Medical Education, Training and Practice

December 13th, 2022

6 pm EST

Dr Lise Mogensen | Senior Lecturer

Medical Education, Research and Evaluation

Head of MD Project, MD

Western Sydney University 



Disability Justice: Building an inclusive culture in medical education & practice 

January 10th 2023 

4 pm EST

Karina Pereira-Lima , PhD

Research Fellow

Department of Neurology, University of Michigan



Access to disability accommodations in medical education: proportion of disclosures and associated mental health and performance outcomes

February 14th 2023 

12 pm EST

Alfiya Battalova, PhD

Evaluation Lead at British Columbia Mental Health and Substance Use Services 

Pamela Liao, MD

Assistant professor, Division of Palliative Medicine, Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto


Policies as barriers for disabled medical learners: exploratory study of learners’ perspectives

March 14th 2023 

10 am EST

Satendra Singh, MD


University College of Medical Sciences

(University of Delhi)



Using the health humanities to impart disability competencies to undergraduate medical students

April 11th 2023 

12 pm EST

Erene Stergiopoulos, MD, MPH


Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto



What makes a ‘good doctor’? A critical discourse analysis of perspectives from medical students with disabilities

May 9th 2023 

pm EST

Coming Soon 

June 13th 2023 

12 pm EST

Coming Soon 

July 11th 2023 

6 pm EST

Coming Soon 

August 8th 2023 

12 pm EST

Coming Soon 

September 12th 2023 

6 pm EST

Neera Jain, PhD, MS, CRC

Senior Lecturer

Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Waipapa Taumata Rau / University of Auckland



The Capability Imperative: Revealing Ableism in Medical Education

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