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DRP Academy

A hybrid professional development experience for disability resource professionals seeking expertise in medical education.

Applications for the 2025 DRP Academy Cohort will be available in February



June 27th from 4-5 PM

Special Topic:
Creating Community and Establishing Healthy Communication

DRP DAYS are an opportunity for DRP's in Medical Education to meet and discuss challenges and solutions to their work.

Led by facilitators from the DRP Academy, this quarterly one-hour meeting promises to be an exciting opportunity for DRP's working in MedEd to connect and support one another and create community. 

We look forward to meeting you!


Lisa Meeks

Executive Director, DWDI

Building Capacity
ing Diversity.


Academy participants will engage with a diverse group of Disability Resource Professionals (DRPs) through a hybrid learning experience that includes one year of mentorship, led by experienced instructors.


The Academy curriculum builds knowledge in critical areas such as legal issues, clinical accommodations, supporting requests for accommodations on licensure examinations, and assistive technology. 


Key Highlights

  • Access to medical and health science school DRPs from across the country

  • Protected time for Academy work

  • Mentorship by Academy instructors

"Receiving this knowledge and establishing connections during the DRP academy was such a lifechanging, genuine experience."

Jacque Knedler, MS

DRP Class of 2023

Jacque Knedler, pictured wearing a black business coat and pink blouse. She has a bright smile and is wearing brown glasses. She has straight long brown hair.

Eligibility Criteria

Each year the academy selects applicants who are DRPs that work with medical students. The Academy strives to invite participants representing diversity in institution type, degree program, disability resource experience and personal characteristics.

2-5 years of general DRP experience

1 Year experience working as a DRP with medicine or health science programs

Endorsement from manager/institutional leadership

Participate in all remote pre-meetings

Commitment to participate in all online meetings and attend onsite Academy in Los Angeles, CA

DRP Academy Leadership

The DRP Academy leadership and instructor team is comprised of professionals with diverse experiences and skills. DRP Academy leaders and instructors have significant experience as DRPs serving students with disabilities in health science education programs, have served in leadership positions in national organizations, conducted research, and developed resources and publications promoting disability inclusion and accessibility in health science education. 

DRP Academy list of 2024 cohort: Catherine Buttrey 	 Vanderbilt University 	 Kimberley Bassi-Cook 	 Seton Hill University  Veronica Cantu 	 University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)  Jolie Ellison 	 University of British Columbia  Staci Ganje 	 OHSU  Suzanne Hawks	 Wake Forest University  Alison Healy	 Rush University  Cassandra Jones	 Xaiver University  Ellen Kaplan	 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine  Jess Kench	 University of San Francisco                     Carleigh Kude	 Stanford University School of Medicine  Karyn LaTurner	 Rocky Vista University College of Medicine  Marion Lombardi 	 Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU)  Kathleen Mullins	 Northwestern University  Ranna Nash 	 Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California (USC)  Eboni Porter 	 Case Western Reserve University  Chelsea Ross 	 University of California, Davis School of Medicine  Lauren Sebel 	 UT Southwestern Medical Center  Sabrina Wilhelm California University of Science and Medicine  Alana Y
Jamie Axelrod, pictured wearing a blue dress shirt. He has a friendly smile and is wearing his brown hair pulled back onto a ponytail. He is wearing hoop earrings.

Jamie Axlerod

Executive Committee & Instructor

Grace Clifford, pictured here, wearing a black sweater and blue shirt underneath. She has a mischievous smile and big brown eyes.

Grace Clifford

Co-Chair, Curriculum Developer, & Instructor


Jennie Biggers

Assistant DRP Instructor

Sarah Triano, pictured here wearing a red sweater with black shirt underneath. She has a bright smile, dark eyes, and wears glasses. She has long brown hair.

Sarah Triano



Lisa Meeks

Executive Committee & Instructor

Matthew Sullivan, pictured here wearing a blue dress shirt and tie. He has wavy short blonde hair and his hands are tucked behind his back.

Matthew Sullivan

Co-Chair, Curriculum Developer, & Instructor

Jennifer Gossett, pictured here wearing a gray blazer with floral print collared shirt underneath. She has light eyes, short brown hair, and is wearing brown tortoise glasses.

Jennifer Gossett


Jan Serrantino, pictured here wearing a white dress shirt. She has a friendly smile and brown eyes. Her shorter gray hair is wavy.

Jan Serrantino

Executive Committee & Instructor

Emily Magee, pictured here, wearing a black blazer with a pink blouse underneath. She has a large smile and dark eyes. She has long blonde hair.

Emily Magee


Rosezetta_Henderson, pictured here wearing a black sweater with a blue blouse and long necklace. She has a big smile, light eyes, and is wearing glasses.

Rosezetta Henderson

Assistant DRP Instructor

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