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A Comprehensive Program of Support for Residents with Disability requiring Accommodation

Presenters: Dr. Nadine Abu- Ghazaleh Dr. Catharine Munn Dr. Jill Rudkowski

Originally presented on: April 26th 12-1 EST

The DREAM Research Rounds are designed in the spirit of traditional "Grand Rounds," offering monthly sessions that spotlight groundbreaking research and dedicated research teams from around the world, all focusing on disability in academic medicine.

Sponsor: This season of the DREAM series proudly receives support from the Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center (DHRC). The DHRC is committed to transforming the narrative from "living with a disability" to "thriving with a disability" by employing data-driven and community-centered approaches.

Description: In this DREAM Research Rounds, Dr. Catherine Munn, Dr. Jill Rudkowski, and Dr. Nadine Abu-Ghazaleh discuss the comprehensive program of support for residents with disabilities requiring accommodation at McMaster University in Canada, sharing their insights and experiences in providing accommodations for medical trainees. They review the challenges faced by residents with disabilities, the importance of clear policies and processes, and the principles of submitting, assessing, developing, implementing, and monitoring accommodation requests and how McMaster University is working towards a more accessible and inclusive environment in academic medicine.


Dr. Catharine Munn is a psychiatrist, educator, and researcher, whose career has focused on mental health and substance use among post-secondary students, medical learners and physicians, and within post-secondary and healthcare institutions. She completed her B.Sc. In Occupational Therapy at University of Toronto, followed by a degree in Medicine, residency, and Master’s in Health Research Methodology at McMaster. Dr. Munn worked as lead psychiatrist in the Student Wellness Centre at McMaster for 17 years. Currently she is Assistant Dean in Resident Affairs in Postgraduate Medicine in the DeGroote School of Medicine, Advisor to the Provost and VP (Academic) at McMaster on Mental Health, and Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry.

Dr. Jill Rudkowski is a critical care physician, educator, researcher, and educational leader. She obtained her MD at the University of Calgary and completed postgraduate training in internal medicine, pulmonology, and critical care at McGill University. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine (Critical Care) and the Head of Service for the Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Dr. Rudkowski has held a number of educational leadership roles within the McMaster University DeGroote School of Medicine. She was the inaugural Competency Committee Chair for the McMaster Postgraduate Medicine Critical Care program and is currently the Postgraduate Medicine Accommodation Advisor within Resident Affairs. Nationally, she is Assistant Secretary for the Committee for Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) and the Committee for Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education (CACME).

Dr. Nadine Abu-Ghazaleh is in her final year of training as a Family Medicine Resident at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Prior to medicine, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh obtained a Masters of Public Administration from Queen’s University and worked as a Policy Analyst for the Ministry of Health in Kingston, Ontario. More recently, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh has become an outspoken advocate for the needs of medical trainees who require accommodations during their clinical training. She hopes to merge her professional experience in policy development to her personal experience as a physician with a lived disability. Most importantly, she hopes to promote positive examples of physicians living with disabilities and dismantle ableist attitudes with clinical and academic medicine.


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