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Aligning Technical Standards with 21st Century Medical Education


Dan Wilkerson, JD

Rahul Patwari, MD

Steven Gay, MD, MS

Lisa M. Meeks, PhD, MA

Moderator: Amy Addams 

AAMC branded slide with title Aligning Technical Standards with 21st Century Medical Education Webinar, October 28th 2020, Speakers:  Dan Wilkerson, JD Rahul Patwari, MD Steven Gay, MD, MS Lisa M. Meeks, PhD, MA, Moderator: Amy Addams
Title slide for Webinar

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This webinar was originally delivered on October 28th 2020.

Description: Technical standards have been identified as a barrier to medical school admissions for individuals with disabilities. This webinar is designed to assist schools in seeking to align their technical standards to more accurately reflect 21st-century medical education and technology.  

The speakers will provide a  history of technical standards, legal and educational implications, review welcoming and inclusive language, and a side-by-side comparison of inclusive and restrictive technical standards domains. Finally, the speakers will outline a thoughtful and informed process of reviewing and revising technical standards. 

Learning Objectives: 

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the intended use of technical standards,  legal and accreditation requirements for technical standards, and critical elements of inclusive technical standards.

  • Apply the information and resources to the review of programs’ technical standards.  

  • Engage relevant institutional stakeholders to revise an updated set of technical standards that reflect recent guidance and inclusive language

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