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AAMC "Beyond the White Coat" Podcast features DWDI leaders Drs. Meeks and Kessler.

Infographic with Beyond the white coat with David Skorton MD logo, Season 4 Episode 6 Disabilities with Allison Kessler MD and Lisa Meeks PhD. Photos of both women in circles. Allison is a white female w long brown hair wearing a white doctors coat. Dr. Meeks is a white blond haired woman wearing a black suit.
Photo of podcast infographic.

On the newest episode of “Beyond the White Coat” host Dr. David Skorton interviews Drs. Meeks and Kessler about why doctors with disabilities are underrepresented in medicine, how society at large continues to play a role in ableism, and small actions that schools and individuals can take that could have big influences on encouraging more people with disability to pursue medicine. 



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