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Ableism, Implicit Bias, and Microaggressions

In this video we explore how ableism manifests as both explicit and implicit bias, leading to micro-aggressions that harm individuals with disabilities. By highlighting these issues and showcasing positive alternatives, we aim to illustrate the profound impact of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities in medical training.

This video, created by the Disability in Graduate Medical Education (DIGME) working group, was supported by The Center for a Diverse Healthcare Workforce at UCDavis.

Citation: Bromberg, GK*, Sheets, ZC*, Charnsangavej, N, Salinger, M, Tolchin, DW, Truong, U, Burnett-Bowie, SM. Implicit Bias, Microaggression and Ableism. Training Module in Graduate Medical Education Working Group (DIGME).


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