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The Guide for Health Science and Professional Education 

Now in its second edition, this book on disability inclusion in health sciences education remains the most comprehensive-legally informed guidance available to health science programs. 


Grounded in the ADA, case law, and OCR determinations, this seminal text delivers information that is translatable to daily practice. The second edition focuses on disability as a welcome form of diversity, with concomitant changes to language and approach that promote disability inclusion.


New chapters and updates on topics including technical standards, a new appendix to guide faculty communication, and revised advice throughout, provide faculty, student affairs and disability professionals with the most up-to-date practices. The text delivers updated legal guidance and case references, assistance in benchmarking office policies and practices, and a review chapter for teaching and assessing learning.


New examples impart the best decision-making practices, describe what to do when things go awry, and discuss how to avoid problems by implementing strong accessibility-focused policies. 


Edited by leaders in the field of disability inclusion, this text is backed by years of practice and expertise. It is written in an easy-to-read, engaging manner that makes disability inclusion and disability law accessible to all.

Equity Statement:

The editors have secured the copyright to this work, allowing them to distribute the book to more people. This shift fills an unmet need for disability resource professionals and removes financial barriers for those who need this information.

Key Features of the Book 

Addresses all aspects of disability, including disability law

Focused on the importance of fully inclusive education for health care practitioners

Real-world informed case studies that demonstrate best practices

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Editor Biographies

Dr. Meeks is an Associate Professor of Learning Health Sciences and Family Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School, her work helps inform policy and best practice on the topic and has been featured in leading journals and popular press.  As co-creator of the social media campaign #DocsWithDisabilities, co-host of the Docs With Disabilities Podcast, and director of the DocsWithDisabilities Initiative  her work has been immeasurably impactful in pushing for disability access in health professions training.

Dr. Meeks regularly collaborates with health professions associations and is the lead author of the AAMC Special Report: Accessibility, Inclusion, and Action in Medical Education: Lived Experiences of Learners and Physicians with Disabilities, and currently serves on the DEI advisory board for the ACGME.


Meeks, L. M., Jain, N. R., & Laird, E. P. (2020).  Equal Access for Students with Disabilities: The Guide for Health Science and Professional Education (2nd Ed). Springer Publishing. 

Original Copyright © 2021 Springer Publishing Company, LLC  Current Copyright © 2023 Meeks, Jain, and Laird.

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