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The Podcast Family

The Docs With Disabilities Family of Podcasts aim to highlight disability stories and research while providing valuable education for Disability Resource Professionals, Faculty, Administrators and Students in Health Professions Education 


Our original series hosted by Drs. Lisa Meeks and Peter Poullos

Research  Resource Rounds, hosted by Zoey Martin-Lockhart

And our Special Series coming this FALL:




DHOH Providers

Dying in Medicine


Join hosts Drs. Lisa Meeks, Peter Poullos and guest hosts as they take a deeper dive into the experiences of health care providers with disabilities through critical conversations with the people working to ensure medicine remains an equal opportunity profession.


Join host Zoey Martin-Lockhart for this mini-cast, an off-shoot of the DocsWithDisabilities Podcast. This podcast provides the listener with an overview of the literature and resources relevant to disability inclusion in health professions education reviewing critical commentaries and research articles in 15 minutes or less.

Support Group

The DRP Series

Join host Dr. Lisa Meeks and her guests for this special series as they shed light on the incredible careers of disability resource professionals “DRP’s”!


Hailing from a myriad of backgrounds and experiences, these warriors of access work collaboratively with faculty, administrators, and students to create access in health professions education. This podcast series will give the listeners insight into this incredibly dynamic profession where no two days are alike and thinking “outside the box” is a necessary skill. 

Stang-up Meeting
Woman doctor sealing her mouth with blue tape. Medical secrecy concept.jpg


 DISCLOSURE, our newest podcast series, will build upon personal narratives from students, trainees, and providers across the country.


 The series aims to unveil the multitude of factors that impact whether or not individuals decide to disclose a disability and to generate knowledge about how to create safe and welcoming spaces that support disclosure.

Podcast Team


Lisa Meeks


Executive Producer

Host: DWD Podcast


Peter Poullos

Co-Host, DWD Podcast

Zoey Pic for DWD Podcast summer 2022.png

Zoey Martin-



   Research and Resource Rounds


Sofia Schlozman

Associate Executive Producer

DWDI Podcast


Rylee Betchkal


Special Series 


Jake Feeman


Audio Engineer


R.E. Natowicz 

Audio Engineer 



Nicole Jisoo Kim

Assistant Producer; Storyteller; Audio Engineer

K.Treco photo.jpeg

Kadesha Treco



Tamar Fagan

Music Curator/Producer

Jasmine K Lopez Headshot.jpeg

Jasmine Lopez

Manager, DWD Podcast


Gabe Abrams



Pranati Movva



Katie Sullivan

Digital Media

Guest Co-Hosts

bullock dwd podcast.jpg

Justin Bullock

Guest Co-Host

Neera Jain 4.jpeg

Neera Jain

Guest Co-Host

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 3.37.53 PM.png

Joe Murray

Guest Co-Host/Producer

Podcast Sponsors

The Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation invests in transformative ideas, individuals and institutions.

They are reimagining philanthropy to catalyze leaders and organizations driving social justice and building movements across the globe.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

RWJF promotes policies, practices, and systems change to dismantle the structural barriers to wellbeing created by racism. And we work to amplify voices to shift national conversations and attitudes about health and health equity.

MDisability, University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine 

MDisability is a collaborative program focused on improving the inclusion of people with disabilities in healthcare research, education, practice and through community engagement.

Stanford Medicine Alliance for Disability Inclusion and Equity (SMADIE)

SMADIE is a disability advocacy and health equity organization advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities in the health sciences and advocating for true health equity for our patients with disabilities.


Chris Moreland

Guest Co-Host/Producer DHOH Series 


Kruti Shah

Guest Co-Host

Pharmacy Series 

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