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Technical Standards Advisory Committee

Standards compliant check, Quality assur

The technical standards advisory committee is a an interdisciplinary group of disability resource providers whose aim is to build a technical standards tool-kit to assist health professions programs with developing new, or revising current, technical standards. 

Advisory Committee

Eboni Porter, Case Western Reserve University (Dentistry)

Sarah Triano, Geisinger College of Health Sciences (Medicine)

Erin Benson, University of Georgia (Veterinary Medicine) 

Jacque Knedler, University of Nebraska Medical Center (Physician Assistant)


Julia Cohen, Samuel Merritt University (Nursing)


Anne Lewis, Binghamton University (Pharmacy)

Catherine Buttrey, Vanderbilt University (ALL programs) 

Timothy Montgomery, UC San Francisco (Physical Therapy)

Aggie McGrane, Northwestern University (Physician Assistants)

Bryan Hilbert, UNLV (Nursing)

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