Episode 35: Dr. Bliss Temple

In this podcast, Dr. Bliss Temple discusses how #DocsWithDisabilities have the power to inform and improve healthcare all patients and how she brings her disability identity to her medical practice.


Bliss Temple, MD, is an internist at One Medical in San Francisco, CA. Bliss graduated from Duke University School of Medicine and completed her residency in internal medicine primary care as well as a primary care research fellowship at UCSF.

Bliss believes in building strong relationships and understanding each patient as a whole person - what their lives are like, what they care about, their concerns, and life goals in addition to their health conditions. She collaborates with patients to create evidence-based, proactive, and realistic plans customized to their unique needs and lifestyle. She's especially passionate about caring for people with disabilities, chronic health conditions, and complex life challenges. She's also very interested in mental and reproductive health.