Episode 33: Dr. Cori Poffenberger and Richie Sapp

Dynamic Duo Dr. Cori Poffenger and med student Richie Sapp, leaders in disability advocacy at Stanford Medicine, talk with Dr. Peter Poullos about what drew them to their work in disability education, the curricula they developed and implemented to teach med students how to better care for patients with disabilities, and the impact of amplifying the voices of patients, faculty, med students, and healthcare providers with disabilities.


Podcast Co-host, Peter Poullos, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology, Stanford Medicine and Founder and Director, Stanford Medicine Abilities Coalition (SMAC).

Cori Poffenberger, Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Faculty Development and Wellness for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, soon to be at the University of New Mexico.

Richie Sapp, MS, MD Candidate 2021 - Medical Student, Stanford School of Medicine, rising Emergency Medicine resident at Harvard, Leader in disability advocacy at Stanford Medicine.