Episode 26: Special Edition

Radical Reboot: The Need for Systems Change

The challenges to help-seeking for medical students and physicians is well-documented, yet solutions to reducing these barriers are lacking. We need a radical reboot. In this 3-part episode we have a critically honest conversation about the barriers to help-seeking and discuss potential next steps to reboot medical education and practice.

Guests: Justin Bullock, MD, MPH, is a 2nd-year medicine resident at UCSF, a fierce advocate for mental health and systems change. Jessi Gold, MD, MS is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Wellness, Engagement, and Outreach in the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine. She is considered the “it’ girl on social media, championing women’s mental health, gender equity, and physician wellness. Erene Stergiopoulos, MD is a 2nd-year psychiatry resident, who straddles research and advocacy for the inclusion of disabled learners in medicine. Her work is informing and shaping policy on disability inclusion and wellbeing.