Episode 21: Medical School Admissions for Students with Disabilities

TheNational Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) conference was cancelled due to COVID-19, but this scheduled panel moved to an online format in the form of this Podcast!

Given the intense competition for admission to US medical schools pre-medical students with disabilities, whether they're learning, psychological, physical, sensory, or chronic health, face additional challenges including: 1) Determining whether or not they're going to disclose information about their disability and at what stage of the application process; 2) The need to identify schools that offer the best environment and resources tothrive as an individual with a disability; 3) Requesting accommodations for the various stages of the admissions process, including evaluations associated with admissions review like the Casper or the MMI or logistics for the interview day. This webinar addresses these questions and our panel offers a wealth of advice.

Guests Include:

Gail Glicksman, PhD, Assistant Dean for Health Professions Advising at Bryn Mawr college

Dr. Steven Gay, Dean for Admissions at theUniversity of Michigan Medical School

Charlotte O'Connor, Learning and Disability specialist at the University of Michigan Medical School

Jacob Lowy, Medical Student at the University of Michigan Medical School.